THank you

The members of Chaos Creek take great joy in sharing their love of music with others. They are all extremely grateful to those who have helped them. Each of these talented folks are available to lend their expertise to you or your band.

Coyote Joe Daigneault - for helping us start.

David Wells - for expertise in sound, for wonderful musicianship and for never compromising artistic integrity.

Steve Marlowe and Tonality Tools - for everything having to do with sound including gear, performance and production of professional videos. An artist AND an engineer.

Bruce Arlen - for amazing creativity. Design of logos and drawing. Song writing. Constant friend.

Maureen Kaiser - for offering constant support and encouragement.  Talented songwriter and event planner.

Janey’s Bodega & Julian Cortes - for supporting live music and providing a home for artists and creativity.

Harold’s Corral - for supporting live music.

Bruce Jones - for photography of us doing what we do.

Chuck Baleno - luthier and artisan. Creator of amazing acoustic guitars.

Chad Standlea - we miss you. Thank you for your creative influence. RIP.